DDD Europe 2024 - Program


Main Conference - Talk


Eric Evans

Eric Evans
Friday 31 from 16:45 until 17:45

Are LLMs the end of DDD or our latest tool? Can DDD concepts help make better LLM solutions? It is easy to get lost in speculation, but when things are changing this fast, we don't have the luxury of waiting to see. Here is AI technology that addresses the heart of complex domains, which is where DDD sits. And we don't need to speculate much. Even the LLM technology we have today creates exciting possibilities. There are so many experiments to try! DDD has not stood still in the past, and it may change again to assimilate this. We should engage with this as a community.

About Eric Evans

Eric has long worked in the development of software for complex domain problems. He wrote the book Domain-Driven Design and has been learning new and better ways to do it ever since.