DDD Europe 2024 - Program

Domain Pattern – How the Domain Influences the Architecture

Main Conference - Talk


Carola Lilienthal

Carola Lilienthal
Thursday 30 from 14:30 until 15:20

When analyzing and decomposing legacy systems according to DDD, we encountered domains that were easy to split into subdomains and domains where it was significantly more difficult. Also, the age and level of development of a domain has an impact on our ability to find good subdomains and modularize the legacy. We have since been able to describe these differences and have found and named several domain patterns. I look forward to feedback and discussion from the audience.

About Carola Lilienthal

Dr. Carola Lilienthal is a software architect at WPS - Workplace Solutions and has been developing software architectures according to the principles of Domain Driven Design with her teams for almost 20 years. She shares her knowledge in books and articles as well as through presentations at conferences. Her new book "Domain-Driven Transformation" will be published in 2024.