DDD Europe 2024 - Program

Effective Test Automation for Developers

Main Conference - Talk


Aki Salmi

Aki Salmi
Friday 31 from 15:30 until 16:30

In modern software development, we programmers often experience unit tests that are brittle, hard to read and needs constant maintenance. And the other end of automated testing we often have is often hard-to-maintain end-to-end tests.

After this talk, you will learn to

  • take ownership of test strategy as a whole team
  • write stable, fast and independent unit tests
  • write tests for event driven microservices
  • plan automated testing strategy for a whole app.
  • See how automation enables contemporary exploratory testing.

In this talk, we will learn a model that is designed to empower participants with comprehensive insights and actionable strategies to enhance the stability, speed, and independence of unit tests. It also introduces a pattern that helps to more write maintainable and readable system level tests, especially within the context of event-driven microservices.

Because in the realm of agile software development, mastering the art of effective automated testing is essential. The reason Aki goes on stage to share this talk is to inspire you to learn and practice more these skills in your production app.

About Aki Salmi

Aki does not believe in magic. He makes it happen. Being a programmer with very solid technical skills in testing, design and making code fun to work with, he gets stuff done. Someone once said ‘reading his code is like reading a good book.’

In addition to the techy side, he is also well known for the empathetic presence he has - the listening skills are well known and the Empathy@Work workshops he holds are highly valued by the participants.

This unique mix of solid technical skills and emotional IQ, he has lot to share to Software Crafters in the world. And he does that a lot in many unconferences, like the one he runs - Codefreeze.