DDD Europe 2024 - Program

Elevating Tactical DDD Patterns through Object Calisthenics

DDD Foundations - Talk (25m)


Dorra Bartaguiz

Dorra Bartaguiz
Wednesday 29 from 14:30 until 14:55

After immersing yourself in the blue book and its red counterpart, attending DDD-focused conferences, and applying tactical patterns, you're left with a crucial question: How do I ensure my design is effective? Tactical patterns within Domain-Driven Design (DDD) serve as guiding principles for creating clear and manageable domain models. However, achieving success with these patterns requires additional guidance. Interestingly, we've observed that a set of constraints initially designed for training purposes remarkably aligns with effective pattern implementation, offering a more ‘mechanical’ approach. Let's explore together how Object Calisthenics can elevate the design of your tactical DDD patterns, offering concrete help for those venturing into DDD for the first time!

About Dorra Bartaguiz

Dorra is VP tech at Arolla and co-author of "Software Craft" (Dunod editions), editor-in-Chief of N°245 (special edition 100% femal of Programmez! a french magazin). She spent 15 years trying to apply best praticies in her and others code. She love sharing her knowledge via articles or conferences and meetups. She also taught at an engineering school in Paris for years.