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Jacqui Read

Jacqui Read
Wednesday 29 from 15:30 until 16:30

Domain events, integration events, pivotal events, boundary events... What are these and how do they differ? But it doesn't stop there: event-driven, event sourcing, event streaming... Are these part of DDD and how do they fit in?

As more and more teams move towards using event-driven architectures, how do you see the big picture without details obscuring your view? In this talk Jacqui will provide a tour of all things "events" - with some terms originating from within the domain-driven design community and others originating elsewhere. Which terms are synonymous? What are the nuances? You will come away with a clear understanding which will help you know when and why to use each of the integration patterns.

About Jacqui Read

Jacqui Read is an internationally recognised solution and enterprise architect, and author of Communication Patterns: A Guide for Developers and Architects. She specialises in assisting businesses to create and enhance architecture practices, construct evolutionary architectures, and untangle and extract value from data and knowledge.

Alongside consulting, Jacqui teaches public and private workshops and speaks at international conferences on topics such as architecture practices, technical communication, and architecture decisions. Her professional interests include collaborative modelling, knowledge management, Domain Driven Design, sociotechnical architecture, and modernising enterprise architecture practices. Outside of work she enjoys gardening and attempting to strum her ukulele and sing at the same time. Her website is https://jacquiread.com.