DDD Europe 2024 - Program

Evolving Wikipedia: A Case Study in Applying Domain-Driven Design in a Challenging System

Main Conference - Talk


Moriel Schottlender

Moriel Schottlender
Thursday 30 from 17:00 until 18:00

This talk will present a case study of utilizing Domain-Driven Design (DDD) methodologies to address the challenges of evolving Wikipedia's underlying system architecture. Wikipedia is a 23-year-old open-source monolith that serves billions of reads and millions of simultaneous writes, with a unique combination of dynamic user-generated content and workflows. The scale, complexity, and socio-technical nature of Wikipedia make it a challenging environment for applying DDD. This talk will discuss the process of mapping the system to understand potential pitfalls, discover opportunities, and inform product strategy.

About Moriel Schottlender

Moriel is a physicist turned software engineer turned systems architect, currently working on modernizing Wikipedia’s systems. She’s an Open Source enthusiast, right-to-left language support and localization evangelist, and a general domain hoarder.