DDD Europe 2024 - Program

Experience ensemble (mob) ways of working

Main Conference - Hands-on Lab


Elizabeth Zagroba and Joep Schuurkes

Elizabeth ZagrobaJoep Schuurkes
Thursday 30 from 11:00 until 13:00

(This is a hands-on lab with limited capacity)

Are you curious to try out ensemble (or mob) programming or testing? Would like to practice ensembling a bit first before you try it with your colleagues? Have you been working in an ensemble for a while and want to see what it's like with a different group? Then join this ensemble session!

We will be facilitating two ensembles doing exploratory testing. We chose exploratory testing, because it's an accessible activity for anyone. The focus of this workshop will be ensembling, which can be used for all kinds of activities: testing, programming, designing, etc.

We'll start the workshop with a short introduction about ensembling. Then we'll split into two ensembles and spend the bulk of the workshop ensembling. We’ll rotate roles every few minutes so everyone can experience being the driver and being the navigator. We'll close the workshop with a retrospective. We'll reflect on what worked well, what didn't, and how can a facilitator "turn up the good" in an ensemble. We hope to get you enthusiastic about ensembling and to provide you with the tools needed to start facilitating your own ensembles.


Participants will need to be interested in communicating in English, but don't need laptops or other specific skills.

About Elizabeth Zagroba

Elizabeth is Quality Lead at Mendix in The Netherlands. She discovers and fills in the gaps in exploratory testing by coordinating an ensemble (mob) testing practice, actively listening, and setting out to prove that when “it should just work” it actually does. She's the go-to person for thinking critically about what’s being built, creating a common understanding, supporting colleagues outside the prescribed management structure, and writing API tests and English effectively.

She injects what she learns from books, conferences, and meetups into her daily work, spreading her knowledge through the workshops and lean coffee she facilitates. She's appreciated as an exploratory tester with an “extraordinary power of observation and categorization.” Her goal is to build enough skills in individuals and teams to make herself redundant. She’s currently serving as a co-organizer for the Friends of Good Software Conference (FroGS Conf) and program committee member for Agile Testing Days.

You can find Elizabeth's big thoughts at elizabethzagroba.com and little thoughts on Mastodon @ez@chaos.social.

About Joep Schuurkes

Joep wandered into software testing in 2006. After a decade of both exploratory testing and test automation, his focus shifted to a bigger question. How can teams and organizations build and deliver good software? To answer that question, he has been exploring topics such as technical leadership, quality engineering, and software methodologies.

Joep has given talks and workshops at conferences throughout Europe. He's also one of the organizers of the Friends of Good Software unconference (FroGS conf).