DDD Europe 2024 - Program

Harmonizing Complexity: Balancing Abstractions in Platforms Design

DDD Foundations - Talk (25m)


Hana Amiri

Hana Amiri
Wednesday 29 from 15:00 until 15:25

In the era of digital transformations, companies are increasingly focused on building platforms that promise to accelerate delivery and innovation, without sacrificing quality. These platforms, by design, abstract underlying complexities and leverage reusable patterns to deliver continuous value. However, the journey towards achieving this harmonious balance is presented with challenges. In this talk, we will explore the pivotal role of abstractions in platform design, not only as a means to harmonize complexity but also as a strategy to strike a balance between the need for personalization and the imperatives of standardization, flexibility and control. I will also provide insights, based on my previous experiences, and share a heuristic approach, to recognize and construct good abstractions.

About Hana Amiri

System architect, and a consultant at Octo technology, I have spent the last few years honing expertise in designing and implementing digital platforms. My journey from coding to architecture embodies a deep understanding of technology, driving innovation and efficiency in complex digital environments