DDD Europe 2024 - Program

Implementing Tactical Patterns

Pre-conference Workshops


Thomas Coopman

Thomas Coopman
May 27-28

Through guided exercises, small blocks of theory and a set of examples, you'll be implementing a rich domain model with a focus on learning and implementing the tactical DDD patterns in the language of your choice.


This workshop will be 80% coding. Bring your laptop with a working programming environment. During the registration process you will pick a programming language that you are fluent in. You will have to do a small bit of preparation up front (2-3hours), make sure to have done it. The preparation will be sent 2 weeks in advance.

Learning outcomes

  • You will learn what the tactical patterns (value object, entity, specification, repository, aggregate,…) are, when to use which pattern and how to implement them.
  • You will learn how to go from scenarios and domain knowledge to test, to a working application.


  • You are fluent in some programming language of your choice;
  • You have a small bit of DDD knowledge;
  • You know a bit about what design patterns are and how you can apply them in your programming language.

About Thomas Coopman

Thomas Coopman has been fascinated with computers since he was a kid. Playing around at first, became programming later and after learning some programming for himself and a small detour starting studies for nursing, he went on and studied Master of Informatics at the KULeuven.

Thomas is a polyglot and loves to learn new languages. His latest language studies have taken him to Elixir, Elm, Bucklescript and he has a special affinity for functional programming languages.

Thomas is an independent software engineer and consultant focused on the full stack: frontend, backend and mostly people, practices and processes. Thomas is also currently active in the DDD Belgium and Software Craftsmanship Belgium community.