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Liberating Structures: Tap Into the Collective DDD Knowledge

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Martin Günther and Jacob Duijzer

Martin GüntherJacob Duijzer
Wednesday 29 from 19:00 until 20:00

(This is a session with limited capacity. Registration necessary via the link in the Participant Roadbook)

Attending a conference can have many advantages. Traditionally, participants gain a lot of new ideas from the talks and benefit from the experience of the speakers. However, we believe that the greatest treasure of a conference, the collective knowledge of all participants, is not yet fully exploited. So, join us for an immersive evening session, designed to maximize collaboration and connection among participants. Utilizing Liberating Structures, we'll delve into interactive activities aimed at harnessing the collective knowledge of the group to work on challenges and questions about Domain-Driven Design contributed by the participants.

You will take away:

  • Expanded network and new connections forged through interactive engagement.
  • Collaborative problem-solving experience, tackling challenges alongside fellow attendees.
  • Hands-on experience with interactive immersion in Liberating Structures.

Don't miss this chance to actively participate, learn, and connect in a unique and enriching environment.

If the weather permits, we will even go outside to experience how a change of environment helps in freeing our minds and gives us more space to open our brains! In case of any disability, we will provide help to make sure everybody can participate!


Seriously-playful curiosity :)

About Martin Günther

Martin has been consulting and supporting companies in the implementation of their software projects as a software architect and agile coach for many years. He always has the big picture in mind, looking for the boundaries that naturally divide the domain into conceptual units in order to build robust and efficient systems from these parts. Additionally, his profound experience in facilitating workshops helps him to accompany groups in their process of gaining insights and decision-making and to enable all team members to interact in an appreciative and effective manner.

About Jacob Duijzer

As an Agile Coach and enabling team lead with over 20 years of experience as a software engineer, I am uniquely positioned to help teams, individuals, and organizations improve. I bring a deep understanding of technology and a broad technical knowledge, enabling me to guide teams in embracing agile methodologies, achieving their goals, and leveraging technology to their advantage.

I actively support personal growth, helping team members identify their strengths and facilitating the development of new technical skills. Through coaching, mentoring, and constructive feedback, I foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement, both in terms of agile practices and technological advancements.

In my role as an enabling team lead, I create an environment where teams can thrive. I facilitate the exchange of technical knowledge and experiences between teams, ensure clear communication, and foster collaboration across different disciplines. I actively contribute to the development of agile practices and processes at the organizational level, aiming to enhance overall performance and effectiveness.

With my dedication to improving teams, individuals, and organizations, combined with my extensive software engineering experience and broad technical knowledge, I am well-equipped to drive successful agile transformations. By emphasizing growth, collaboration, and continuous improvement, I empower teams to unleash their full potential and achieve exceptional results, both in terms of agile methodologies and leveraging technology.