DDD Europe 2024 - Program

Upskilling your Team in DDD

DDD Foundations - Talk (25m)


Craig McCallum

Craig McCallum
Wednesday 29 from 15:00 until 15:25

Sourcing relevant, high-quality DDD training materials can be challenging and costly. At PensionBee, a publicly listed UK fintech, we tackled this challenge head-on by designing and running a DDD training programme for our tech team, which we've now open-sourced.

Our goal? To boost developer confidence in writing event-driven, DDD-oriented software.

Our approach? Bridge the gap between EventStorming and tactical design one step at a time.

In this session, we'll dive into our decision to create a bespoke training programme, the value it has brought to our team, and why we chose to open-source it. We'll provide insights into how we designed and executed the training sessions, as well as the ongoing support we offer to developers beyond the initial training.

Drawing from practical experience from our own DDD journey, we‘ll share our successes, challenges and lessons learned to inspire and empower those spearheading DDD initiatives in their organisation, especially those looking to upskill their peers.

We also hope that consultants and DDD training material creators find something useful in our approach and that our open-sourced training materials provide some useful examples of how tactical patterns can be adopted in the TypeScript ecosystem (and beyond).

About Craig McCallum

Craig McCallum is a senior software engineer at PensionBee, a publicly listed UK fintech. As part of PensionBee's internal platforms team, his current focus is on cementing DDD as the standard approach to designing and building software at the company.

Having driven the initiative which resulted in PensionBee's open-sourced DDD training programme, he now supports other engineers in the team to write high-quality, event-driven, DDD-oriented code.