DDD Europe 2024 - Program

What We Know We Don't Know

Main Conference - Talk


Hillel Wayne

Hillel Wayne
Thursday 30 from 12:00 until 13:00

Technology is a multitrillion dollar industry, but we know almost nothing about how it's best practiced. Empirical Software Engineering, or ESE, is the study of what works in software and why. Instead of trusting our instincts we collect data, run studies, and peer-review our results. This talk is all about how we empirically find the facts in software and some of the challenges we face, with a particular focus on software defects and productivity.

About Hillel Wayne

Hillel is a formal methods consultant, the author of Learn TLA+ and Practical TLA+, and a member of the TLA+ and Alloy boards. His other work includes The Crossover Project, a collection of interviews with traditional-turned-software engineers, and Let's Prove Leftpad. In his free time, he juggles and makes chocolate. He would appreciate advice on improving his 5k time.