DDD Europe 2024 - Marijn Huizendveld

Marijn Huizendveld


In a small backstreet of Tokyo lives a man named Aki, a 78 years old former chef. Aki spent most of his life trying to perfectly cook the rice he buys from his friend Mato. He's been at it for 57 years now, and still searches for ways to improve his cooking methods. There is probably not too much anybody else could tell Aki about cooking this specific type of rice. When it comes to his process, Aki's understanding is unrivaled.

After years of trial and glorious error, Marijn could be called the Aki of Domain-Driven Design, due to his extensive background in both programming and strategy. He uses this experience to show teams and organizations how to recognize and act on problems and opportunities in an autonomous, self-learning fashion.

Bringing an objective outsider’s view to the table, Marijn uses today's challenges of your organization to make your people truly aware of their environment. Not by nudging and pushing them towards the final goal, but by offering them the tools to find a path on their own.

Once on the road, positive feedback, mentoring, determination, and a positive vibe allows teams to try, to make mistakes, to investigate, and to learn.