DDD Europe 2024 - Sun Maria Lehmann

Sun Maria Lehmann

Sun Maria Lehmann


Technology Geek, Data Enthusiast, Data Lead, Chair of ECIM Conference, Chair of BSMK, Board member ODA Nettverk

Sun is a dedicated professional currently serving as the Digital Leader within the Data Office of Equinor's Technology, Digital, and Innovation (TDI) business division. With an impressive career spanning over two decades, Sun brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Her journey began with 3-year tenure in Data Management at the Norwegian Hydrographic Office, setting a solid foundation for her subsequent 7 years in offshore drilling services. Since joining Equinor in 2008, Sun has held various critical roles in Data Management, progressively expanding her expertise. Her contributions have been invaluable, leading to advisory positions from 2011 onwards.

In her current role on the TDI Data Office team, Sun is at the forefront of shaping and establishing data operations and innovative data products to drive TDI's success. Her dedication to the field is underscored by her academic background, holding an M.Sc. in Petroleum GeoScience from NTNU since 1998.

Sun's unwavering commitment to data excellence and her impressive track record make her an indispensable asset in Equinor's pursuit of technological innovation and digital transformation. 🔗 #DataLeadership #DigitalInnovation #DataManagement